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Monday, August 26, 2013

Kids Party Snacks!

This order also was very nice to create as it was just snacks done for the a party for kids so they could eat or take with them along the ride for the park that they were going so we thought about easy snacks and healthy treats too! I hope you enjoy! Happy meals everyone!
Chef Vanessa

This one I bought colorful small ice cones (eatable ones) and filled them with yogurt raisins, some pretzels and other salty little treats, then wrapped them up so they look cute but yummy!

These were cucumbers, cheddar cheese and smoked turkey roll-ups and I poked them with a wooden skewer so they look like lollipops!
And these were traditional ones like the first one was just ham and cheese roll-up lollipop and this last picture they were organic creamy peanut-butter and peanut-butter and strawberry jam.
They were very good!!!! Yumm!!!! Happy Meals Everyone!!


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