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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Today will be the day that the same question will be asked and for many times still to come,

"Where were you and what were you doing on 9/11?"

I know I will never forget that day and it still hurts!

I was in NYC and I was very lucky to get out of the Subway in time before it shut down, went up to

my work office, saw everyone very nervous and talking about a plane that hit the Twin Towers,

rushed to the trading room where we had a TV and then I saw the 1st hit as they were replaying it we

all thought it was an accident but then BOOM, second hit! I remember clearly that I totally freaked

out because then I realized that it was not an accident and yet a terrorist attack. What should I do, will

our bldg. be another target, go outside or not? It was so many question with so much fear, but the

worst was to walk home looking at all the times up to the sky to see if there was nothing else, and all

the cars running like crazy in the wrong way at 5th Ave. with so much debris on it, and then crossing

Queensboro Bridge and seeing all that smoke, it was everywhere! I still remember my dear friend

Sandra telling me that it was unreal to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and actually breath that smoke

over there, and knowing that it was a mix of peoples ashes! So sad!

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